What are the most profitable short-term investments?

If you have certain financial knowledge you will know that saving is not a determining condition to earn money. If we want our savings to multiply and get benefits for them, we must be able to invest them. Very interesting can be to know how to manufacture an investment portfolio , but also be clear about the type of investment we can carry out.

If you are one of those who can only rely on short-term investments because you can not do without money for a long time, you have come to the right place. In Safe Investments we will show you which are the most profitable short-term investments. Would you like to know more about it? In that case, do not stop reading the following post. Go for it!

The best short-term investments in the market

When we talk about short-term investments we do it to refer to those whose return of capital does not exceed the year. Therefore, its time horizon is considered very short. These investments are suitable for those customers who can not get rid of their money for a very long period of time . Or for those who have a conservative investment profile.

What are the characteristics of short-term investments?

In general, for a short-term investment to be profitable, it must be characterized as having two objectives:

  • Be as safe as possible . You have to think that you do not have time to recover the capital invested, so they must be as safe as possible. Investments with high risk must disappear completely from the equation. For example, it will not be appropriate to invest in the stock market since its volatility is very high. We must, therefore, bet on more conservative assets.
  • Betting on investments with great liquidity capacity . When we talk about the liquidity capacity of an investment we do it to refer to the speed with which we can turn it into money back. The greater the liquidity, the easier it is for investment to become capital in our favor.

The options in these cases are smaller but they do not have to be uninteresting. Among the most attractive, the following stand out :

Investment funds with a conservative nature

Investment funds,cash,calculator and money

The speed with which the investment funds are paid (an average of three days since the sales order is produced) makes these products ideal for short-term investment. The best thing within investment funds is to opt for those with a conservative nature. That is:

  • They also invest in the short term.
  • They have a very low volatility.



Another of the star products to invest in the short term are deposits. Why? Easy because its liquidity and security is much higher than that of other products. With the deposits we will know in advance what is the profitability that we are going to receive and in what period of time. Being short term it will not be very high but it is safe.

The Treasury Bills

The Treasury Bills

Finally we want to talk to you about the Treasury Bills. This financial product can be purchased from very low amounts. As for example € 1,000. Its main characteristic is that they move in the short term and fixed income . In fact, they can only be issued in four different terms:

  • Three months
  • Six months
  • Nine months
  • And finally to twelve months.

Its risk is very low and it offers the clients that hire them the option to change the duration of the term with the sale in the secondary market. In return, the price variation is not very high.

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